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About the Blog

About the Blog


Welcome to Little Mountains, my passion project and heart-wide-open display case. My name is Jenna, and let me just say thank you for stopping by.

I started this blog to face my anxiety head-on for the first time in my life. To be open about my experiences and my struggles and my triumphs. To maybe even reach far enough for someone else to relate. And to write about anything and everything else, because writing is my art and I'm not shying away from that anymore. 

I'm an art lover, a music enthusiast, a cat mom, and a twenty-something just trying to navigate this less-than-steady time in any of our lives. 

I hope you find something here that resonates with you, opens your eyes, makes you think, pisses you off, etc. This is where I write about things that move me, so here's to what moves you, whatever that may be.

And may you never tire in moving your own little mountains.